K9warehouse Beef Rib Bones for Dogs - 7 Pack - Made in USA

SKU: 7PackRibBonesUSA

  • SLOW ROASTED - RAWHIDE FREE - TREAT FOR YOUR PUP: Our beef rib bones are made to provide you with a delicious treat to reward and pamper your four-legged friend without irritating their digestive system. Our beef bone dog chew treats are ideal for most dog breeds and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • DELICIOUS - HEALTHY & LONG LASTING: With a smoked beefy flavor, these flavorful puppy treats will keep your dog happily chewing while providing them with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, and more to help keep your furry friend healthy and active both physically and mentally
  • DOG BONES FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS: Chewing for dogs can help them avoid boredom and help prevent destructive chewing behaviors. Our dog chew bones offer tons of chew time to provide them with just the right stimulation, keep them engaged and help promote positive chewing habits
  • SAFE & DIGESTIBLE: We only use natural ingredients without relying on any harsh chemicals or artificial additives to bring you natural beef ribs for dogs that your furry friend can chew for hours and digest without upsetting their stomach making these the perfect treat to reward your dog
  • CLEAN TEETH & STRONG GUMS: Thanks to their unique texture and thickness, our meaty dog bone treats help clean their teeth as they chew. It’s ideal for all dog sizes to help them remove tartar and plaque build-up along with helping strengthen gums and jaws to help maintain your pet’s oral health

Legal Disclaimer Discard Bone When Gnawed down or when any splintered parts or fragments occur. Bones should always be larger than your dogs mouth. Provide a fresh bowl of water, and always supervise your canine closely while chewing any bone to ensure they chew safely! Discard small bone pieces, or gnawed down bones immediately and replace with a new bone under supervision.

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