K9warehouse Beef Stuffed Marrow Dog Bones - 6 pack - 6 inch

SKU: MarrowDogBone6Pack5-6"

A BONE FOR BIG DOGS WITH BIG APPETITES K9warehouse is a small family business with a passion for pets and believes in providing high-quality products. We strive to provide the best natural treats you're pup will ever experience and we hope you'll be a customer for a lifetime. 100% DIGESTIBLE & SAFE: Our beef marrow bones for dogs are 100% natural and sourced from free range, grass-fed cattle raised without added hormones. These dog bones for medium dogs are fully digestible and have no side effects. SUPPORTS HEALTHY TEETH, GUMS & JAWS: Our beef marrow bone dog treats helps keep the dog’s teeth healthy and clean. Effectively removes tartar build-up and plaque, and strengthens gums and jaws. Chewing our beef bones for dogs helps pups properly develop shoulder, neck, and jaw muscles. Features that we love; ✓ 100% All Natural Dog Treats ✓ Low Calorie Dog Bone ✓ Marrow Filled Dog Bones ✓ Free-range, Grass-fed Beef ✓ No Hormones or Antibiotics ✓ Supports Dental Health WHY CHOOSE OUR BEEF DOG BONES? Inspected and packaged in the USA. Our all natural dog treats are sourced from free-range cattle and livestock with no added hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. No preservatives. These odor-free beef tendon dog chews will make both of you happy. We’re sure that your dog deserves superior natural treats and our quality fits the bill.

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