Pets are great – they add a lot of joy and fun to our lives. Unfortunately, not every aspect of owning a pet is peaches and cream. One thing owners often dread dealing with is shedding and grooming. Pets like cats and dogs have fur, and no matter what breed or size you have, there's going to be some shedding! It's even worse if you have a pet with a lot of hair, like the long-haired Maine Coon cats or double coated Malamutes and Huskies. Having the right tools for grooming your pet at home is going to seriously cut down on frustration and mess when it comes to shedding pets. One brush that's a must-have is the Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs or Cats by K9konnection.

What is the Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush?

The Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush by K9konnection is a type of grooming tool used for removing excess hair for your pet. Slicker brushes are also good at removing tangles and mats from your pet, thanks to their smaller, fine bristles. In addition to being an excellent choice for pets with thinner coats, like Yorkies and Maltese, slicker brushes are also good for dogs with undercoats, like Corgis and Huskies. The bristles of a slicker brush reach through the top coat to grip shedding hair from the undercoat, gently removing it so your pet will shed less and be more comfortable.

This self-cleaning brush also has a feature that keeps your from having to clean the brush by pulling hair from the bristles. Instead, the brush has a button that pushes the hair forward to the end of the bristles, allowing you to easily removing it with a swipe of your fingers. This is not only convenient, but it helps to extend the life of the pet brush.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Slicker Brush?

Brushing has a lot of benefits for your pet in general, but using a slicker brush has a few extra pros. One of the biggest perks to brushing is reducing the amount of hair your pet will shed in the house. This is because your slicker brush helps to grab loose fur and gently removes it before it has a chance to fall out all over your home! Not only will this keep your home cleaner, the removal of this loose or dead fur will help your dog feel better. They will have better air flow through their coat, letting them regulate their temperature better. Loose fur can also cause itching, so removing it prevents any skin irritation.

Brushing your pet is also good for their health in other ways. Skin and coat health is very important for dogs and cats, since it makes up a huge part of their biology. Gentle brushing using a slicker brush helps to improve the blood circulation in your pet, meaning their skin will become healthier. This is also good for their coat, and this circulation helps their fur to grow in thick and shiny. Remember, healthy skin and fur means there is less of a chance for tangles and matting! It can also decrease the chances of skin irritation and itching in your pet.

A final, unique benefit to brushing is building a bond with your pet! Spending some time together completing some grooming is a great way to help improve your relationship with your pet. They'll appreciate you helping them feel better, and gentle brushing is also a great way to build trust with your pet. If you have a new pet, brushing is a nice way to not only improve their health and keep your house clean; it's also going to improve their comfort level with you and their new home.

How to Use a Slicker Brush

Brushing your pet is a simple task to complete, but there are a few things to keep in mind in order to make it as effective as possible. Here are a few tips and a video for information on using a slicker brush to remove fur and keep your dog or cat comfortable.

  • Bathe your pet. You don't have to do this step, but it is a good way to help loosen up stubborn fur and ensure they are clean for a good brushing session. Dry them well before brushing – fur that is too wet can tangle up!
  • Consider using a conditioning spray. These sprays help avoid breakage while you brush, and they can really help if your pet has a lot of tangles or mats in their fur!
  • Start brushing your pet using the slicker brush. You want to brush in all kinds of directions. Don't press down too hard – your pet will let you know if they are uncomfortable with the amount of pressure. Remember that slicker brushes can be scratchy, so use caution.
  • When using a slicker brush, use a “up and out” method; once your hook some excess fur on the brush, tilt it up so you can neatly pull out the fur. This is going to help you remove as much excess hair as possible. Use the self-cleaning feature to remove fur when the brush is full.
  • If you come across a tangle or mat, loosen it with your fingers first. You don't want to start attacking it with a brush right away – this could hurt your pet. Loosen it up and then go in with the brush to gently remove it completely.

Remember to read your pet while you groom them with the Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush! If they start to get antsy or uncomfortable, it might be time for a break. Don't push them too hard or they might not behave as well for brushing in the future. Don't forget to always reward your pet for a good grooming session – treats and praise work great!