Dealing With a Hairy Dog? Here Are 4 Tips That Will Actually Make a Difference

Love comes in many forms, and for a dog owner, it comes in the form a four-legged hairy companion! But although there’s nothing better than snuggling up to your dog, dealing with their hair can be a nuisance, to say the least. Somehow, it seems to get absolutely everywhere. No sooner than you tend to it or clean up the mess it’s made in your house, there’s another hairy problem to solve. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to put the following 4 expert tips into action so that you can effectively deal with your hairy dog, once and for all.

1. Groom Your Dog’s Hair

Grooming your dog’s hair is incredibly important. Not only will it allow your dog to feel more comfortable, but it will also reduce the amount of hair they naturally shed. But you shouldn’t just use any old grooming tools. You need tools that are specially designed for such a purpose that won’t hurt your dog or tangle their hair either further.

At K9 Warehouse, there’s a range of expert grooming tools that allow you to take care of your dog’s hair without spending a fortune at a professional groomer. For instance, here are 3 easy-to-use tools:

With regular use, you’ll notice your dog’s hair is significantly more manageable and sleek. Not to mention the fact that your home will be far cleaner for the little effort you make!

2. Use a Dog Vacuum

One of the quickest fixes for a house filled with dog hair is using a dog vacuums regularly. Yes, it can feel like a bit of a chore, but you’ll feel much more relaxed knowing you won’t find dog hair everywhere from your floor to your food. Of course, you can use a regular vacuum, but you may find it frustrating to get out every time your house needs a good clean.

Using a dog vacuum is not only easier to maneuver, but the best ones also boast features that are targeted at capturing dog hair. Most are hand-held and small, meaning that you’ll be able to keep one close to use at any time. If you’re on a budget, you’ll be happy to learn that you can pick up a reliable one for under $20. Of course, if you want a dog vacuum with all the bells and whistles, there are many higher-end ones to choose from as well.

3. Protect Your Couch With a Couch Covers

Unfortunately for dog owners, furry furniture is not a good look. But the good news is that there’s an easy way to deal with the endless problem of dog fur being stuck to your couch. It’s as simple as putting a washable cover on your couch. Doing so will save you the trouble of having to manually take off dog hair each time. What’s more, it’ll protect your couch from any dirt, grime, and even scratches by way of your furry friend.

If you’re interested in buying a washable couch cover, you’ll be able to find them at most furniture stores. Amazon and Walmart also stock them, so you won’t have any trouble finding one to fit your couch.

4. Prepare Your Pool For Dog Hair

Now we’ve dealt with the matter of dog hair in your house, what should you do about it outside your house? While you won’t notice hair in your garden, one place you will notice it in is your pool or your dog’s very own swimming pool. For the latter, cleaning it is as easy as emptying out the water after use and giving it a quick hose down. For the former, it’s not as straightforward, but it’s certainly doable!

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of methods to get your pool spick and span in no time! It just requires a bit of preparation on your part. Home Life Digest's Angela Stringfellow provides numerous handy tips that you can follow. She advises dog owners to de-shed their dog, which is precisely what we suggested in our first tip! She also suggests “to use a pool sweep and placing a skimmer sock over the sweep's skimmer basket.” Finally, she points to advice from the Association of Canine Water Therapy, who recommends hiring a pool contractor to install the strongest filter and water system available.

About the author:

Rebecca Desfosse is a frequent contributor to Pet Life Today. She’s a freelance writer who has been writing about pets and pet care topics since 2011. She has contributed to publications such as PetMD, Petcentric, and more. Rebecca, her husband and two boys live at the beautiful Jersey Shore. They are the pet parents and best pals to two Shiba Inu dogs and two rambunctious cats. She is passionate about sharing creative and unique ways pet parents can enrich the lives of their pets.