Waterproof Car Back Seat Cover for Dogs

Waterproof Car Back Seat Cover Sale

Waterproof Car Back Seat Cover for Dogs

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Traveling often? Sick of your dog ruining your car upholstery? Not able to leave your pet behind? Then make your car pet friendly with the ultimate dog car seat: nonslip, waterproof, super comfy and extra safe. This hammock type of protector is designed to fit any car, plus it comes with adjustable straps for easy installation. It’s made of polyester and features a comfy cushion that ensures your dog will enjoy the trip, no matter how long. 

The design also protects the driver, as some dogs like to reach out to the front of the car when they get bored. For extra fun, throw in a favorite chewing toy on the back seat.  

  • Made of polyester 
  • Safety-promoting design 
  • One size available, adjustable straps  
  • Black with red lining 
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