Waterproof Anti-slip Winter Dog Shoes

Waterproof Anti-slip Winter Dog Shoes Sale

Waterproof Anti-slip Winter Dog Shoes

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It’s difficult to make your dog wear shoes, but it is useful. Not only do shoes keep your dog’s paws warm and dry, they also save you the trouble of washing those paws or having to clean mud stains from all over the house. 

There are many dog shoes on the market, but if you’re looking for the ones your dog absolutely would wear, it these waterproof, anti slip booties, designed for comfort. They come in three different sizes and three different colors, suitable for any dog breed. Made of corduroy, these shoes are absolute musts if you live somewhere with a lot of rain or snow, and/or have a dog that can’t handle bad weather. 

  • Made of corduroy 
  • Waterproof, anti-slip 
  • 3 sizes available 
  • 3 colors available 
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