Ultrasonic Training Device for Dogs - Reduce Barking

Ultrasonic Bark Control Device for Dogs Sale

Ultrasonic Training Device for Dogs - Reduce Barking

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All dogs need to be trained well in order to coexist with us, but for big dogs that’s absolutely essential. In order to train your dog well and prevent potential attacks on other dogs and people — especially if you know that your pet has an aggressive side to him — invest in this top quality pet training repeller. It will immediately prevent an attack by creating an ultrasonic wave that reaches up to 130db. While people can't hear this, it affects dogs immediately. 

This training repeller is also equipped with a LED flashlight that lets the dog recognize the source of the sound and its location. 

  • Battery powered 
  • 130db sound
  • LED flashlight 
  • User manual included 
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