Travel Water Bottle For Dogs With Foldable Water Cup

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Travel Water Bottle For Dogs With Foldable Water Cup

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Keeping your dog hydrated is essential for its good health and long life, and it’s especially important to have water handy during those long walks or long trips in the car. Since they don’t sweat, dogs have very few ways of cooling down, and drinking water is one of them. This silicone dog travel water bottle is the ideal choice if you and your four-paw pal don’t like to spend too much time at home.

The smart water cup that folds into the bottle is designed to make it easy for your dog to drink as much as he needs and it doesn’t require you to carry an additional bowl. As long as you use it, both you and your dog can drink from that bottle. 

  • Made of silicone 
  • Foldable water cup 
  • One size available  
  • Green, blue 
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