Stainless Steel Non-Slip Dog Bowl

Stainless Steel Non-Slip Dog Bowl Sale

Stainless Steel Non-Slip Dog Bowl

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Just because your dog doesn’t recognize color in the same that humans do, doesn’t mean that you can’t get a fun colored bowl for your dog, right? Take this one, for example. Made to last over time with a stainless steel interior that is going to keep water cold, healthy, and keep it easy to clean, this food bowl is perfect for serving food in style.

Whether your dog is a boy or a girl, this multicolored bowl will be a great addition to his or her collection of food bowls because it keeps itself comfortably gender neutral and still has a lot of attitude to it.

Sized to hold either water or food, this bowl will be great for those homes with just one pet, or multiple. With the three individual sizes to choose from, you’ll be able to get the perfect one for your home.

Whether you want to get two to match, or just the one and use it with your existing water or food bowl as a companion, you don’t want to miss out on this classic and practical pet necessity.

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