Squeaker Chew Toy For Dogs

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Squeaker Chew Toy For Dogs

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For you, a dog toy that makes a sound may be just more unnecessary noise in your life, but for your dog, it’s a toy that interacts with him, and he loves it. Fun, sound-making toys are recommended by vets to promote play (rather than all day sleep), especially if your dog spends a lot of time alone while you’re at work. 

This top quality K9 chew toy is made of corduroy — a durable, chew-resistant material that can withstand even a bit of a rough play. You can also choose from three different animals: frog, dog and cow, each which comes in its own adorable color scheme. 

  • Made of corduroy 
  • Interactive play 
  • One size available 
  • 3 different animals
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