Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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If you have a pet that is bad for wolfing down his food and then throwing it back up again later, or choking on it because he’s eating it too fast, this might be an option that you should consider for long term health (and less mess for you). This maze food bowl distributes the food kibbles around its surface and your dog will have to eat slowly, figuring out how to get to the food that is poked away.

This will keep him from choking and will make him less likely to throw it up later, as he is eating at a more comfortable pace for his body. It’s also a great exercise for him in terms of mental stimulation and agility, which is great for those high-energy dogs out there. You can get this quality non-slip TPR bowl in two colors and you’ll be able to match the decor of your room so that it can blend in. This can be used on a floor or you can put it on a place mat to keep it more stable.


This will be your new favorite way to feed your pet and he’ll be thankful for it for his own reasons, too.


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