Ruff N Fluff Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Formula for Dogs and Cats

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Ruff N Fluff Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Formula for Dogs and Cats


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  • PREMIUM WILD ALASKAN SALMON OIL - Our pharmaceutical quality, human grade premium salmon oil blend comes from only cold water salmon and fish oil giving you dog or cat the best quality Omega 3's & Omega 6's that support your dog’s heart, brain, eyes, immune system and digestive health
  • KEEPS YOUR PETS HEALTHY AND ACTIVE - This is the best salmon oil for dogs and cats. The rich fatty acids found in our Alaskan Salmon Oil is great for joint health and heart support. Also offers amazing immune boosting and digestive health properties. Just once a day with their normal meal. Its the perfect hip and joint supplement for dogs too!
  • PROMOTES NOTICEABLY HEALTHIER SKIN & COAT - After using daily your pet will look better and feel better than ever before with healthier richer skin and fuller softer & shinier coat. Relieves itching, scratching and dry flakes from pets allergies
  • GREAT TASTE YOUR PETS WILL LOVE - Our liquid formula is odorless and mixes great with your pets regular food. They can hardly notice the difference. 100% Sustainable, All natural fish oil for pets that is GMO FREE and contains no preservatives or additives. Not only a fish oil for dogs, its also a cat fish oil. MADE IN USA

Ruff N Fluff Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Premium DHA & EPA Omega-3 Blend Provides optimium nutriton for your pet.
Our premium salmon blend oil is Human Grade, Pharmaceutical Quality & Guaranteed to contain only the purest, most potent salmon and fish oil available anywhere!

Benefits for Both Dogs & Cats:
- Boosts Your Pet's Immune System
- Reduces Dry and Itchy Skin
- Helps Keep Pets Healthy and Active
- Hip & Joint Support Supplement
- Improves Quality of Pets Life
- Supports a Healthy Heart

An easy to serve potient and essential daily vitamin supplement packed with benefits to keep your pets happy and healthy

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