Deshedding Pet Brush & Undercoat Grooming Tool

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Deshedding Pet Brush & Undercoat Grooming Tool

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Pet Deshedding Brush & Undercoat Grooming Tool by K9konnection - Reduces Shedding by 90%

k9konnection: K9K-151 Pet Grooming DeShedding Brush Comb. Veterinary Approved!

See the Fast DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT In Your Pet's Coat IN JUST MINUTES - The k9konnection Deshedding Brush Easily Removes Your Pet's Dead Undercoat. No more constantly vacuuming your floor, or continually removing hair from your furniture, clothes and car.

The k9konnection Deshedding Tool For Dogs and Cats was designed by a pet groomer and the many benefits include
* Guaranteed to reduce shedding in dogs and cats in the first grooming session
*Gentle on your pet - will not damage their skin
*Ergonomic tool design for easy comfortable use
*Recommended by groomers & vets

You'll be amazed at how much built up loose hair comes out from your dogs' coat!

* No sharp blade
* Detangles hair as well as removing loose hair
*Exceptional value for money - used by pro groomers
*Designed to fit your hand comfortably a more intense tone is sounded.

Our Ultra ERGONOMIC HANDLE is so robust, provides mega comfort and is so easy to use as well as being super strong, that we provide a LIFETIME GUARANTEE - if it breaks, we'll replace it free of charge - additionally, the 100mm / 4in exceptional quality, replaceable Stainless Steel Comb, provides additional benefit when used on larger pets to reduce the time required to complete the deshedding.

Try it for yourself, start your journey to non shedding pets today, with RELIABLE Amazon worry FREE SHIPPING, 60 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and LIFETIME WARRANTY, SO ADD TO CART NOW!

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