Large Puppy Dog Potty Training Pee Pads - 100 Count Box - 23" x 24" L

Large Puppy Dog Potty Training Pee Pads - 100 Count Box - 23 Sale

Large Puppy Dog Potty Training Pee Pads - 100 Count Box - 23" x 24" L

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Looking for Large Dog/Puppy Potty Training Pads? 

The K9konnection Wee Pads feature Black Carbon Gel Technology and are the biggest Pads online!  Our Pads measure 23 x 24 inches and each box contains 100 training pads. These LARGE puppy potty training pads are great for puppies, small and mediuam to large dog breeds. Use these pads for traveling long distances, homebreaking, apartment living, and for aging dogs.

Dimension: 23" L x 24" W
Box Size: 16" H
Color: White and Black
Qty: 100 Pack
Material: 6 layer cloth with Black Bamboo Charcoal Carbon Technology

THE BIGGEST BAMBOO CHARCOAL PUPPY PADS ONLINE: 23 x 24 INCHES (LxW): Each box contains 100 training pads that measure 23x24 inches each and holds over 16 oz of liquid. These training pads are much larger than the standard pad, giving your dog more room to do their business and saving you time and money on using multiple pads!

NOW SAVE YOUR RUGS, CARPETS AND HARDWOODS - 2X MORE ABSORBENT: Stop worrying about your vintage rugs and nice carpet floors. The K9konnection training pads feature 6 layers of quilted construction and include optional adhesive stickers in the corners to ensure your pads do not move freely or become your dogs next chew toy!

QUILTED SIX LAYER PROTECTION - NO ODOR - LEAK PROOF DESIGN: With our 6 layers of protection we're confident your home will be odor and dry free! Gone are the days of cheap pads that leak and smell after very little use! The K9konnection potty pads will ease your mind of accidents and last all-day!

IMPRESSIVE PHEROMONE ATTRACTION SCENT: Humans like to feel comfortable when nature calls, and so do dogs! These potty training pads have a distinct smell that attracts and calms your dog(s) and makes them feel comfortable every time. This is a great feature for house training puppies!

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