Flashing Bright LED Safety Lights for Dogs & Cats

LED Safety Lights For Dogs Sale

Flashing Bright LED Safety Lights for Dogs & Cats

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With their brilliant glow & fun strobe effect, our flashing LED lights keep your pet safely visible at night. Clip-on hook attaches to leash or collar. Easy on/off switch. Custom-boxed 2-pack.

The Best & the Brightest with On/Off Switch (2-Pack) by K9konnection | Attachable to Leash or Collar with Clip On Hook | Superior Visibility for Night Walks

Tired of trying to find your dog in the dark? Try our K9konnection Safety Lights. These unique LED lights are brighter than most, with 360-degree visibility. So, they help you easily spot your pet, even in pitch-black darkness.

Fun, Flashing Strobe Effect

Switch 'em on & presto! Each K9konnection Light flashes through a sequence of colors: blue, white, red & green. Dogs love the dazzling light show... and so will you.

Easier to Use

No more broken fingernails! Simply clip the easy-grip metal hook to your pet's leash, collar, or harness. Then flip the switch to turn on the light and activate the strobe.

Each light will last for 30 to 40 walks (at about 20 minutes per walk). Batteries are already inside... and they're easily replaceable.

Use Your K9connection LED Safety Lights To:

Walk your dog at night
Supervise backyard romps & potty breaks
Keep your pet safe from cars, hunters & other dogs
Find lost or straying pets

Not Just for Dogs & Cats

Your entire family can use these flashing lights for nighttime visibility. They're splash-proof, and they won’t overheat, so they're ideal for all outdoor activities.

Order Risk Free

If you're not thrilled with your boxed 2-light set, return it for a full refund of your purchase price. Add to cart now for yourself & your gift list!

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