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Interactive Dog Training Puzzle Toy


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Hyper dogs are restless dogs, and when you've got one of these adorable additions to your family, you need to constantly be one step ahead of him, especially in terms of what you're looking to get accomplished in terms of his development. To keep that busy mind of his occupied in a productive way, this treat toy puzzle will be ready to step in and do its own part.

As the name suggests, this is eco-friendly, so you're going to be able to trust that you are doing your own part in helping reduce your own footprint in the consumer-based world. You'll love the fun design of this, too, with its multiple colors and slots that are used for hiding treats.

This can be arranged from easy to hard so that your dog can have something to learn from this each time that you put it down for him. Great for when you are going away for a bit, or when you want to keep him on his toes, this is a very fun and easy way to do it. Perfect for high strung dogs, this is not a toy that you'll want to pass up.




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Material: Wood
Toys Type: Interactive Toys
Type: Dogs
Paw size: 24*23.5*3cm
Bone size: 29*19*3cm

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