Dog Walking Treat and Potty Bag Pouch

Dog Walking Treat and Potty Bag Pouch Sale

Dog Walking Treat and Potty Bag Pouch

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People who don’t own dogs don’t know this, but talking a walk with your four-legged friend is actually a very special procedure that requires you to be prepared in many different ways. If you’re trying to teach your pet something, it’s a good idea to have dog treats handy. When your dog “does it’s business” you must have pick-up bags. Then again, there are things you carry every time you leave the house: keys, phone, cash. 

To accommodate all this and make your walks with your dog more pleasant, we’re offering you a comfy dog walk bag that you can hang on your jeans. It’s just the right size: big enough to fit all you need, small enough for you to carry it anywhere you go. You can choose from two different colors. 

  • Made of Oxford fabric 
  • Multiple compartments 
  • 1 size available 
  • 2 colors available 
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