Dog LED Safety Harness

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Dog LED Safety Harness

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It’s understood when you’re walking at night that you should wear a safety vest and carry a flashlight so that passers-by know that you’re there, but what about your dog? When a simple reflective collar is just not going to do the job, you can look at an LED safety harness instead. This mimics the human design in its reflective stripes, you’ll five a series of button batteries that can last for up to 7 hours straight and can be changed easily.

With three modes (fast flashing, slow flash, and straight), you’ll be able to set it up so that your walk at night with your dog is comfortable and safe for all involved. This is also going to work well in that it is a traditional harness with easy to use clips and a leash hook. For those that take security and comfort seriously, this is something that you’ll want to consider for your dog. Best of all, if he gets away out of the yard at night, it’ll be easier to spot him!

Designed for various sizes of dog, this safety harness is a must-have for down owners looking to take all the steps to better safety.

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