Comfortable Walking Vest Harness for Dogs

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Comfortable Walking Vest Harness for Dogs

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A dog harness is one of the most important accessories you’ll buy for your pet. He or she will wear it during all or most walks so it absolutely needs to be comfortable. It also has to be sturdy and durable, as most dog walks include plenty of trying to pull away. 

This K9 top quality harness is the perfect choice for your dog, whatever the breed — it comes in five different sizes, so no dog is too small or too big. It’s made of nylon, so it’s sturdy, and it’s patted with breathable mesh, so it’s comfortable. What more could you want? The right color, of course. You’re guaranteed to find it: this harness comes in eight different colors. 

  • Made of nylon, breathable mesh 
  • Extra sturdy and comfortable 
  • 5 sizes available 
  • 8 colors available 
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