Boho Paw Print Rose Gold Earrings For Women

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Boho Paw Print Rose Gold Earrings For Women

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If your style is casually elegant and you love expressing yourself through jewelry, then these beautiful paw print earrings for women are designed for you. They work for owners of both cats and dogs, and let you convey just how much you love your cute pet without even saying a word. Because they are eclectic with just a touch of boho character, these earrings go well with almost any other kind of jewelry, so you can combine them with your favorite silver bracelet, necklace and ring, or even with other earrings. 

This stylish piece of jewelry is made of high quality copper and comes with silver, gold and rose-gold finishes. 

  • Made of copper 
  • Boho design 
  • 10mm x 11mm 
  • Silver, gold, rose-gold 
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