Boho Chic Stainless steel American Pit Bull Necklace

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Boho Chic Stainless steel American Pit Bull Necklace

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You love boho chick and you love your dog? This stainless steel necklace is designed for you! Standard chain length and adorable dog in heart pendant make it suitable for any event and any outfit: just choose between gold and silver finishes. You’re having a problem choosing? Then get both! That way you’ll always be able to wear the necklace that says to the world that you are a proud dog owner! 

Stainless steel is actually one of the preferred materials for jewelry because it’s practically hypoallergenic, plus it’s beautiful and durable. This piece fits all geometrical boho trends and will quickly turn into your favorite accessory. 

  • Made of stainless steel 
  • Boho chic design 
  • Chain length 43 cm 
  • Silver, gold
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