Adorable Transparent Dog Raincoat With Hood

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Adorable Transparent Dog Raincoat With Hood

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Dogs love walks, but dogs hate rain. So when it’s pouring cats and dogs out there, what are you supposed to do? Easy! Equip your pet with this adorable transparent raincoat from our dog clothes selection. It’s light, comfy, easy to put on and completely waterproof. Unlike many other dog raincoats out there, it comes with a hood, so your pet is fully protected.  

The K9 raincoat is made of light, solid plastic and comes in five different sizes, so it will fit any dog. You can also choose from three different lining colors: white, green and orange. It is guaranteed to keep your best friend dry and healthy even during the heaviest rain. 

  • Made of plastic 
  • Light, completely water resistant 
  • XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Transparent with white, green or orange lining 
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