5 Foot Two Handle Reflective Nylon Dog Leash

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5 Foot Two Handle Reflective Nylon Dog Leash

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Even some dog owners of large breeds aren’t sure what are the benefits of a two handles dog leash, but once you get the K9 two loop leash, you’ll quickly notice them. It lets you have great control over your dog and give him a bit more leeway when acceptable. At the same time it’s sturdy and durable, unlike most automatic retractable dog leashes, which are typically designed for smaller breeds and can’t take the power of a big dog. 

This leash only comes in one size, but you can choose from five different colors. It’s made of high quality nylon, the short version is 50cm, while the long one is 1,5 meters. 

  • Made of nylon 
  • Two handle leash 
  • 1 size available 
  • 5 colors available 
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