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The FURjector Pet DeShedding Brush & Grooming Tool

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K9KONNECTION The FURjector Pet DeShedding Brush & Grooming Tool For Dogs & Cats.

Starting Today, Live In a Healthier, Happier Environment Free Of Loose Pet Hair

Are you a pet lover, but still find your little buddy’s shedding troublesome?

Aren’t you sick of seeing pet hair everywhere, no matter how much you clean your home?

Would you like to try an efficient solution to get rid of all that shedded hair - and bond with your pawed buddy in the process?

Well, K9konnection may just have exactly what you need!

Introducing The Best In Pet Care Essentials - K9konnection’s Handy Pet Grooming Brush

This fine stainless steel comb shedding tool is both very durable and very beneficial to your dog’s or cat’s coat and health.

Removing the loose hair leaves your pet’s coat lighter, shinier and healthier. Additionally, a few minutes of daily brushing have been reported to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. After all, to your pawed buddy a good brushing feels like a good massage!

What’s more, using this smart grooming brush tool will reduce the loose cat and dog hair in your home by 90%, minimize the chance of allergies and save you costly grooming visits to the veterinarian!

Top Quality Construction & Practical Design

K9connection’s pet shedding tools are constructed by stainless steel and thoughtfully designed to make the pet owners’ lives easier.

One of the worst parts of brushing your pet’s fur is cleaning up the tangled mess of excess loose hair on the brush, right?

Well, not anymore - with this grooming brush, cleaning the steel comb is as simple as pressing a button!

  • ► KEEP YOUR HOME HAIR-FREE: We love our four-legged buddies, but let’s be honest. They shed way too much! By using this great grooming brush, you can keep your home as hair-free as possible, all the while reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions in your family and friends!
  • ► ONE-BUTTON SELF CLEANING: Brushing down so much hair can be a major pain - trust us, we know. That’s why we designed a smart deshedding and grooming tool that cleans itself with the touch of a button. Save yourself and your pawed friend time and effort - tangled hairballs will never trouble you again.
  • ► TOP QUALITY MATERIALS: This handy shedding comb is made of the best quality stainless steel, non-toxic and free of corrosion or any harmful substances. It’s the wisest choice for you and your furry friend, and you’ll both end up enjoying for a good long time.
  • ► YOUR PET’S HEALTH IS A PRIORITY: Whether you have a dog or a cat, this practical grooming brush is suitable for all pets, sizes and hair lengths. Brushing your pet with it will rid it of shed and excess hair, leaving its skin healthy and its coat in shiny, peak condition!
  • ► 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: At K9konnection we have great faith in our cat & dog grooming tools and supplies. We use them ourselves on our mutts and kitties all the time, after all. If, however, you don’t find this pet shedding brush to your satisfaction, fear not! We offer you a money back guarantee, no questions asked!

So What Are You Waiting For? Order Your Own Pet Shedding Brush Today!

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